How to track someones phoneIt’s a good policy to be honest about tracking someone, their privacy rights should be respected.  However if you have no option but to track a cell phone with no consent from the owner or without him being aware of the tracking, (e.g. in the case where the owner is a child and you are its parent,) listed below are a few pointers on how to go about doing it.

1Get an app that tracks smartphones and install it.

Tracking the user of a Smartphone is basically quite simple. The simplest technique is to install an app that tracks smart phones on the user’s phone at a time when the user is not aware of the installation. Should you want to be totally covert we recommend the use of mSpy (an app that is fully undetectable), however there are a multitude of apps on the market that are capable of performing the task. Simply install your chosen app while the person sleeps or when they have left their phone, having gone out somewhere.

mSpy’s features include:

  1. Call monitoring
  2. Text message tracking
  3. Read recipient’s emails
  4. GPS location tracking
  5. Internet usage monitoring
  6. Check user’s address book and calendar
  7. Access instant messages
  8. Record user’s surroundings
  9. Gain control of user’s programs and apps
  10. Access and view user’s multimedia files

2Consult your service provider, they may offer a family phone tracking service.

If you have taken out a family plan from your service provider, it is possible you could activate a tracking facility for all phones registered with the plan. This feature is particularly useful if your children’s phones are included in the plan and you need to monitor them.

Verizon’s Family Locator costs $10 per month and can be used for up to a maximum of 10 phones per account, although in reality you will only require one. Before installation you will need to enable the service through the control panel supplied by My Verizon, then follow instructions which are given in a series of SMS messages in order to install the Family Locator app onto the user’s phone. (It’s a good plan to borrow the phone while this process takes place in order to avoid detection). The final part of the process is to synchronize the recently installed app with the Family Locator by using the control panel from My Verizon.

Sprint’s Guardian bundle enables the account holder to precisely locate, in real time, any of the phones registered for the plan through GPS, either on demand or via the “Safety Checks” function, at previously selected dates and times. This facility can be utilized for example to check whether your child has arrived home from school or alternatively you could utilize it to discover the location your spouse travels to each morning after you have gone to work that makes them smell of polystyrene and ammonia. You can even send an SMS to the tracked phone, perhaps to catch your partner out when he/she is lying.

AT&T’s Family Map can be used in a similar fashion. The Family Map, based on GPS, will show the location of the tracked phone, displayed on a map that is interactive, and gives the option to call the targeted phone or send an SMS to it. Automatically generated check-ins can also be enabled which means that the tracked phone will send an SMS each time it reaches a pre-determined location. And due to the fact that the feature is operated via a web-based app,, it can be accessed through all mobile devices or from a browser on a computer. The price of this service is an extra $10 per month in addition to the current family plan. Users of the iPhone 5 will need to download and install the accompanying AT&T Check-In app in order to utilize the service.

3Use cell phone-specific spy devices.

These are cellular surveillance devices which allow the user to access SMS messages, call logs, e-mails and even SMS messages that have been deleted from the target phone. , BrickHouse Security’s Cell Phone Sim Card Spy, available for around $149 for example is a hardware and software package that enables the user to read, save and even edit files by removing a phone’s SIM card and inserting it into the Cell Phone Spy reader. The reader is then attached to a computer USB port. If you are suspicious of your partner possibly destroying evidence by deleting files, you can recover the erased files  – including images and SMS messages  – and copy them to your computer’s hard drive.

4Use free apps to track cell phones.

It is possible to employ several free apps to track cell phones and learn their location. Both Facebook and Twitter have geo-specific log in facilities, additionally FourSquare has a number of well established features for location sharing, however our top recommended app for monitoring peoples’ locations is without doubt Find My Friends.

5When Apple ID (iPhone) or Google Play ID (Android) is known you can check on the location of the Android-based phone or iPhone.


  1. Browse to the iCloud website and log in. After logging in you can use a web browser or iPad to tack down a missing iPhone. For this to work, location tracking should be enabled on the device but the default for all devices with an Apple ID is for it to be enabled.
  2. To log on to the iCloud site you need to type in your Apple ID and user password.
  3. Go to “Find My iPhone” which is on the iCloud site home page.
  4. Select your iPhone. At the top of the Find My iPhone page, you will see an “All Devices” link. Click this to select which device you want to track. The map will center on the last known location of the device.
  5. Now you need to select your device. Click the “All Devices” link near the top of the “Find My iPhone” page and select the appropriate device for tracking. There is a map which will display the iPhone’s last known location if it has run out of power or is powered down.


  1. Open the Android Device Manager. The Android Device Manager is a tool that lets you track your lost or stolen Android Device. You can download the Android Device Manager app to another Android device, or you can access it through a web browser.
  2. Upon opening the Android Device Manager you are asked to use your Google account to log in. Make sure that you enter the details of the account that is linked to your missing Android device.
  3. Now you should be able to locate your device. After you have logged in, Android Device Manager searches for your device, and if the device is found, its location is displayed in the middle of a map. Additionally, the details of your device are displayed in a small box at the top left of the page.

6Phone Number Reverse Lookup Services Can Be Used.

If you have frequent access to the target phone you can utilize a cell phone number reverse lookup service to check up on it. For example if you have been attempting to access the numbers on the phone of a spouse or child only to discover that they are cell phone numbers that are all unlisted, don’t throw in the towel just yet because help is just around the corner. A reverse cell phone lookup basically allows you to view the name and address of the person who sent the SMS message or of the caller.

It is crucial to locate a trustworthy website, which can display the details that you need such as caller names, addresses and even names of individuals living at the same address. The advantage of this type of site is that they guarantee anonymity which means that you can operate an unlimited number of lookups with no fear of the phone user discovering anything untoward.

Considering the modern day’s available facilities, monitoring a device user is relatively simple. N.B. All phone tracking hardware and software is supplied strictly for the purpose of tracking your child, employee or other individuals on a device owned by you or that you have permission from the owner to monitor. If you don’t own the device or don’t have permission to track it from the owner, you will be operating against US federal and/or state law, which in almost all circumstances forbids installation of surveillance software.

We want to help you avoid testing out both laws and their inevitable consequences by guiding you down the right track. Additionally we would like to highlight the fact that “FREE” METHODS OF CELL PHONE TRACKING DO NOT WORK! These methods can be found all over the web, if you try them you will only succeed in wasting your valuable time and effort.
From our experience, we can advise that the use of a cell phone tracker software app is most efficient, quickest and most budget-conscious method of getting the job done.