How to spy on someone's Android PhoneWhile keeping a track on an Android might be difficult or complicated, but there are some apps that will work wonders and help you track an Android phone easily. Spying on an Android phone can be helpful many ways. You can keep a track of your family and know if they are in any trouble. You can keep a track on your kids and their whereabouts if they’re being sneaky. Maybe one can spy on their loose girlfriend or a lousy boyfriend, who knows.  This is a review for some apps that can be used to track down someone’s location and vice versa. Here are some brilliant apps that work great and are completely free.

Life360 – Family Locator:

This app is completely hassle free and works smoothly on almost all Android devices. You just need to download this same app on the other person’s phone and then you can track down their location on the map using a GPS tracking technology. It comes in more than 7 languages and is completely un-complicated and easy to use.

Automatic Call Recorder:

The smart user interface makes it easy for you to go through everything at once. This app is substantial for recording all calls to your phone, late to be used at evidence, or to keep a track on your kid’s calls, who knows, there is so much one can do with this. This app works on Android 2.1 and up. Record all calls and save them to your phone or sync them to cloud with the help of Dropbox and Google Drive integration feature.

Find My Phone:

Find My Phone is a simple, easy to use app that makes it easy for you to track an Android phone’s location. The app’s main use is to track down a lost or stolen phone but by putting in another person’s number you can keep an eye on their location too. It’s simple and easy. The app works on Android 2.3 and up, comes in seven different languages and is a totally smooth-running app.

Find My Friends:

Working on Android 2.3 and up, this app is the real deal. The completely smart and sleek navigational interface helps you locate a friend, a family member or any Android phone that has the same app running. The completely accurate Global Positioning System assures to give you the most accurate and precise location of the Droid you’re trying to track down. With a 4.2 buyer rating on Google Play, the app is a rocking addition to your spy ware.

GPS Tracking Pro:

Now, what is so distinguishing about this app is that it provides the most top-rated, state of the art GPS tracking technology. With this app you can track down the accurate location of any Android smart phone or Android device, without much aggravation. With a 4.3 buyer rating at Google Play, the app supports international phone numbers and manifold date varieties.

Family Mobile Location Tracker:

With a 3.8 rating on Google Play, the app is said to be very heavy and battery consuming. With some downfalls, the app advantages to it too. It runs on Android 3.0 an up and is better on devices with more RAM. It has a sleek user interface and helps you locate your family with real-time updates and GPS navigation.
We all look for free apps all the time and hardly any of us ever feels the need to pay for an app. While the compulsion isn’t far too necessary, there some advantages offered by paid apps that free apps can’t. Now that we’ve had a look on how these free apps work, let’s take a look this app that isn’t free but works better than free apps.


Mspy is an Android app that works on IOS, Android and Blackberry. While all of the apps mentioned above only work on Android, this app supports multiple operating systems. What’s so mind blowing about this app is that it can be used on Windows and Mac computers too, this combines mobile and computer tracking. You Track anyone’s location just from your computer screen. This is a great way to keep track of kids, friends or family members.
This just begins to cover the array of features this app has to offer. This app also integrates social media app tracking, you can now track Whatsapp and Skype on your kids’ mobile device and stay updated on who they contact. While there is a spate app to track locations and record a call, this app does it all in one, you can record calls and track down text messages too.
With the easy to use and sleek interface, this app is the real, most bona fide and legitimate app for spying and tracking purposes. With a choice of three different payment packages you can choose the one that suits you best and use all the premium features this app has to offer.