Tracking devices that are based on GPS technology has made the lives today better than it was about 20 years ago. GPS tracking system is based on the ability to locate things on the earth’s surface through incorporating satellites signals through the website. The technology have been in use from the last part of the 20th century with its origin in United States.

GPS devices despite their difference in sizes, shapes and configuration share similar characteristics. They enable the identification of somebody’s position in relation to established time frame.

We have chosen to look at four of there devices which are as follows:


Price: $149.95 + $12.95 Service Fee

Pocket finder is also a tracking device that relies on the GPS and is used in speed limits in vehicles to give alerts, designations of safe zones and real-time tracking.  Android application and iOS complements the work of the pocket finder, and allows viewing of map history up to about 60days. The device allows the user to set it according to his needs reducing wastage of battery life, through customizing it to give information after every few minutes or once or twice in away.


Price: $30 – $80

Wallet track is a device that is ultra thin and is easily slid in wallet or sometimes to be attached to an item that seems misplaced. Through wireless means, the device is able to connect to android or phone using TrackR app. TrackR app helps the user to locate items in just a maximum of three swipes.

The track device is made in such a way that it withstands pressure and thus even someone seats on it still works and is bake to fit in any kind of  wallet. The device is also able to store power for a period of about two years due to its reliance on coin-sized batteries that have been engineered into the device. TrackR technology enables the users to use two-way trafficking and at ate same time locate the exact places where items are located.

3Spark Nano

Price: $ 149
Spark Nano

Spark Nano uses a web-based interface that is simplified and it is simple trod use. Using this device it is possible to get alerts in the geophone when the tracker ions moved from predetermined areas through sending of texts. The tracker is relatively affordable band enables to use a Smartphone to track the movements of a far that have been fitted with the device. A car website by the name of Edmunds, recommends the device to track teen drivers who have wayward behaviors.



Price: $99.99 in addition to $12.99 – $19.99 monthly for serving

eZoom is a device that is small in size and can be fitted a car permanently in a Childs back to monitor his whereabouts. Using a Smartphone or a PC, it is possible to locate the position of the child and alert the parent if the child leaves designated safe areas. The device can also enable the parent to understand the riding speed a car carrying his child is moving at. In addition to tracking kids, ezoom can also be used to protect personal items such as Lap Tops.

GPS tracker actually helps in locating the whereabouts of people without their knowledge, and it is also an important tool necessary used by private investigators. The GPS can thus help one monitor child movement or employees throughout the day. The usefulness of GPS gadget cannot be underestimated, though its use should be within laws and regulations.