How to Spy on SomeoneTo be able to spy on someone you have to be delicate, cautious, and discreet. There are numerous gadgets that can be helpful and spy software is available on the internet for those who do not want to seek the help of an agency. You can unleash the spy within you easily: all you have to do is take the advice that I am providing you in this article today to learn how to spy on someone.

1 Install a Hidden Spy Camera

Install Hidden Spy CameraMore than likely you have watched the hit TV show “Cheaters” where hidden spy cameras are the main way they catch the cheaters.

Numerous hidden camera options can be purchased online and some have some cool features, such as night vision and sound recording. The night vision cameras are going to hit your pockets harder but the investment pays for itself. Motion activated cameras are suggested since they allow you to conserve space and limit the amount of footage that you have to monitor. If you really want to catch someone doing something you have the option of purchasing a full-fledged spy surveillance system.

Tip: Good places to install your spy camera include bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms. The kitchen and hallways are not ideal places. Furthermore, if you want to be discreet you can hide the camera in the blinds, under the bookshelf, or in decorations.

2Purchase a GPS Tracking Device

GPS Tracking DeviceA GPS tracking device is one of the coolest spy devices that allows you to monitor the person you are spying on. All you have to do is hide one of the devices inside of their car and you can see everywhere they go. Additionally, if the car tracking is not good enough for you other places to hide the device include their purse, wallet, or jacket. GPS Tracking devices can be as small as a dime, so they will never know that they are there.

3Install an App on Their Smartphone

Phone Spy AppWith mobile spy software you can tap into someone’s smartphone to spy on them. Usually, it only takes about three minutes to install and you will be able to spy on them remotely. However, to get the software on the device you are going to have to be able to access their smartphone physically. But, once it has been downloaded you can adjust the settings remotely. Approximately twenty minutes after you have installed the software all of their current and deleted data is uploaded to your account and available for viewing via your mobile device or PC.

4Install Spy Software or a Keylogger on Their Computer

KeyloggerSometimes catching someone in the act can be as easy as installing spy software to their computer. The software will make a log of everything that they do on their computer, even when they go on the internet. When you have a log of their emails and browsing history you will have all of the proof you need to catch them in the act. You will even have access to their deleted emails. The best part is most people are careless on the computer because they think that when they delete something that it is gone forever. However, spy software is able to work behind the scenes and bring out their dirtiest secrets. If you want to know what they are saying on the computer, you can install a Keylogger hardware on their computer, which will allow you to have access to every word that they type. They even have cool spy devices that allow you to do so, which could look like a USB pin drive.

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5Use Digital Voice Recorders

Digital Voice RecordersOne of the easy ways to see what someone is doing is to utilize a digital voice recorder. The newer ones are very easy to use and discreet. You have the option to listen to the recordings directly from the device or you can plug the device into your computer and save the recording for listening at another time. I suggest going with a digital voice recorder that only works when voice activated so you can only listen to conversations instead of hours of silence. Additionally, purchasing multiple devices is ideal.

6Purchase Night Googles

Night-Googles1If you plan to do some spying at night you are going to need night vision googles. This way you can see what is going on even when light is not available. When purchasing your device make sure that you check out the viewing range and magnification abilities to ensure that they will be able to help you get your spy on correctly.

7Give the Suspect a Gadget That Is a Spy Device

Spy DeviceOne of the best ways to spy on someone is to give them a spy device as a gift. For example, they have trendy watches that have mini HD video cameras in them. This way you will be able to see what they are up to at all times and you do not have to go through the hassle of trying to figure out how you will hide a spy device on them. The best thing is the cameras are tiny so they will never suspect that you have given them a spy device at all.

8Binoculars Are a Must

Binoculars: How to Spy on SomeoneIf you plan to do the legwork of following someone around binoculars are essential. They will allow you to keep tabs on the suspect without having to get to close up on them. I suggest purchasing a pair that is compact and lightweight so they will not be a hassle carrying around.

9Use Social Networks and Internet Databases

Social networksBesides using social networks there are many internet databases that will allow you to find individuals for free and for a fee. The sites below will tell you their address, phone numbers, and even their relatives:


Bottom Line

When it comes to spying on someone it can get tricky when legalities come into play. There are laws that protect individual’s privacy and if you are caught breaking the laws the consequences can be more than you want to deal with. Therefore, you need to think about your morals and why you want to spy on the individual. When the devices are used properly they can be beneficial but if they end up in the wrong hands a world of trouble could follow.